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We teach you to sail in catamaran, one of the funniest and fastest boats in the world. The sensation of sailing on a boat with two hulls will not leave you indifferent. It's stability, speed, maneuverability and the radicalism of his heel over (inclinations boat) will be hooked to this type of sailing dinghy.

escola cata

Here we are to help you get a navigation autonomy with confidence and security. This way you can enjoy the feeling of sailing on a catamaran. Catamarans we use are:
• For adults Hobie Cat 15 catamarans, the Hobie Cat Hobie Cat Wave and Teddy.
• For children from 7 to 14 years use the Catsy Hobie Cat Hobie Cat and Teddy.

Enjoy our passion. ARE YOU READY?

Description Time Price
First contact Catamaran 2 hours / 1 day 70 €
Initiation Course 4 hours / 2 days 140 €
Initiation Course 6 hours / 3 days 200 €
Advanced Course 2 hours / 1 day 100 €

Catamaran First contact course:
The objective of this course is a first contact with the catamaran. Serves scoring undecided then sign up for an introductory course or for those who do not have more time.

Course Initiation to Catamaran
It lasts for 2 or 3 sessions. The course is taught in groups of a maximum of 3 people per catamaran thereby achieving a great rapport between the instructor and students. Nomenclature, assembly and disassembly of the catamaran and familiarize with it, are the first steps. Once a ground simulation start sailing with the instructor individually. Knots, safety, right of way rules, directions, and emergency maneuvers, all this for a completion of the course the student can practice this sport independently and security.

Advanced Course Catamaran
Following the same scheme as above, the student practices with the more complex maneuvers and under more exijentes wind as learning and navigation plan and stick with harness catamaran. Techniques that will give us more confidence in navigation and allow us to make the most of the catamarans.

Boat Rent time Price
Catsy/Twixys/Teddy 1 hour 30 €
Hobby 15 1 hour 50 €
Hobby 15 3 hours 140 €
Hobby 15 10 hours 400 €

We also have at your disposal: Harness, Neoprene, Helmet, gloves, etc..
Rent includes lifejackets.

We send you an email with the reservation number and you can make payment through our page on "Confirm Reservations" or bank transfer.
Reservations will not be effective until payment has not formalized.

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