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Stand Up Paddle Surf Stand Up Paddle Surf

With Stand Up Paddle Surf(SUP)for beginners you can surfing your first waves, making trips and excursions and for the expert surf the biggest wave you never like to do before.

In our school we will teach you the techniques to get you started on the SUP with full autonomy and security.

These techniques are:
• Warm up pre-SUP and stretching post-SUP
• Rowed
• Post to the board position and surf crossing
• Twirl
• Pass the surf with waves
• Safety at sea
The courses always end with an excursion for the fantastic north of Cap de Creus

Paddlesurfing Courses included everything you needed to carry out the activity: neoprene, life jacket, wet shoes, etc. Offers registration for summer courses 2014. Discounts of 25% check out the offers page.

Description Time Prices
Christening Paddle Surf 2 hours / 1 day 50 €
Initiation Course 4 hours / 2 days 100 €
Perfecting course
(pass the surf with waves, twirl)
55 €
Material Rent time Rent price
Board and paddle 1 hour 15 €
Board and pddle 1/2 day 40 €
Board and paddle 10 hours 130 €
Annual Bonus
(Sail from March to Decembre unlimited)
450 €

We also have at your disposal Neoprene, Helmet, gloves, etc...

We send you an email with the reservation number and you can make payment through our page on "Confirm Reservations" or bank transfer.
Reservations will not be effective until payment has not formalized.

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